August 10, 2022

Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol

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Appreciating Soil Science!

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Yesterday, Filipino-American farmer-scientist Rocky French explained how soil samples for soil analysis should be collected in actual field demonstration.
Soil analysis is very important in farming because it could spell the difference between success and failure, especially in planting crops like corn, rice and vegetables.
Kailangan malaman talaga kung ano ang nutrients na nasa lupa at kung ano ang kulang so that exact ang soil nutrients intervention could be introduced.
This would save the farmers expense on fertilizer not needed by the soil.
Kadalasan kasi, the farmer will just apply N-P-K without even checking how much of these soil enrichers are actually needed by his farm.
On our part, as we intensify our campaign for the planting of Sorghum for feeds and food, we conduct soil analysis before we start plowing the field in preparation for planting.