August 10, 2022

Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol

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Galing ng Pilipino! Farmer-Designed Grains Dryer Outperforms Imported Brands

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A mechanical grains dryer made by a father and son tandem, both farmers from Cabatuan, Iloilo, is besting foreign brands with its outstanding performance in drying grains, especially rice.
The mechanical dryer, designed and built by Jover Industries owned by Hector Jover and his son, Jeremiah, is capable of drying wet grains to 13 to 14 MC in 7 to 8 hours using a boiler system powered by rice hulls or corn cobs.
A surplus diesel engine runs the blower which drives hot air underneath the bed and dries the grains without mixing or turning.
The older Jover designed the dryer from out of his experience as a farmer while his son, Jeremiah, personally handles the installation in the different parts of the country, especially in the rice producing provinces of Luzon.
This dryer was first introduced to me during the Makina-Saka Expo in Iloilo in 2017 and this was supposed to be included among the facilities to be acquired by the Dept. of Agriculture under the mechanization program of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund.
The proposal which was adopted during the first RCEF meeting was to establish village-level common service drying facilities in the rice producing provinces but this did not push through.
On Thursday, I accompanied the officers of the DoleFil Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (DARBC) in a visit to one of the two Jover Grains Dryers in my hometown, M’lang.
The DARBC is the first farmers cooperative which partnered with the Southseas Agri-Aqua Ventures Corp., a young company which I, Ping Lacson, Rocky and four others formed, in planting Sorghum, a grains crop to be used to complement Corn in feeds formulation.
Chairman Vincent Palma and the directors of DARBC said the cooperative will be needing the grains dryers as soon as they start planting Sorghum which would be bought back by SAAV Corp.
My younger brother, Joselito, who is the Vice Mayor, attested to the quality of the grains dried in the mechanical dryer which was acquired by the local government unit.
He said the town has allocated more funds to install more dryers in the other rice producing villages of M’lang which is one of the major rice production areas of North Cotabato.
Once again, it is proven that Filipinos could actually build more efficient equipment designed to address realities in the farm.