August 10, 2022

Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol

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Road To Food Sufficiency! Propagating Lowly ‘Kadyos’

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For Feeds Protein Source
When Filipino-American farmer-scientist Rocky French decided to pack his bags and come home with me to the Philippines, it marked the start of my realization of just how much potentials our country has in producing food for our people.
Rocky, grandson of an American soldier from Kentucky who fought in the Spanish American war and married a Spanish mestiza from Passi, Iloilo, farmed in the desert of Coachella, Southern California.
When he arrived in Kidapawan City and saw the fertile volcanic soil of the area and the vast coastal areas, Rocky, an Aquaculturist by training, was so awed by the resources of Mindanao.
“I could go crazy,” he said lamenting the fact that in spite of the resources, the Philippines is largely dependent on other countries for its food supplies.
While he was overwhelmed by the richness of the area, we decided to take one step at a time in achieving our dream of proving that the country does not need to import fish, chicken or hogs.
With the support of former Senator Panfilo Lacson, a new farming convert, and four other friends, we formed a new company called Southseas Agri-Aqua Ventures.
Ang primary objective talaga namin ay to get into Aquaculture Production which is Rocky’s expertise but to get there, we have to address the problems affecting fish cage production in the country.
Ang unang problema na nakita ni Rocky ay ang napakamahal na feeds kasi halos lahat ng raw materials ay imported, pati Soybean Meal, Fish Meal at micro minerals.
Ang Fish Meal na dati ini-import from Peru ay madaling nabigyan ng solusyon through the fish processing facilities in General Santos City.
“Very excellent quality fish meal,” Rocky described the Gensan Fish Meal.
Now, we are addressing the protein sources by introducing the planting of Sorghum as a complementary grains to the very expensive Corn and planting Kadyos or Pigeon Peas as a prospective substitute for Soybeans.
Since Rocky suggested the planting of Pigeon Peas or Kadyos, meron na akong over 700 na puno na mamumunga by September which would then become the source of more planting materials.
Other protein-rich beans are also being considered.
But right now, the lowly Kadyos is the rising star in our endeavour to produce a feed formulation using mainly local materials grown by our farmers.