August 10, 2022

Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol

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Stinging hot! South Americans Go Crazy Over Philippine ‘Sinamak’

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In my recent trip to New York, I met Filipino-American businessman Ping Panlilio who travels a lot to South America and who informed me of a potential huge market for the Philippine concoction of ‘Sinamak,’ essentially Coco Vinegar laced with “Chili” and other spices native to the country.
Ping, who belongs to the huge Panlilio clan of Pampanga and Manila, said that South Americans have also developed a liking for the Philippine made Banana Catsup and Coco Jam.
Seeing this as an opportunity, I immediately linked up with local entrepreneurs and asked them to submit samples which I could send over to Ping for a taste test.
Actually, meron nang mga ‘Sukang Pinakurat” na binebenta sa mga Asian Supermarkets in the U.S. pero (no offense intended) napakapangit ng product presentation.
These are bottled in what I believe are used Rum bottles (White Castle or Tanduay) called ‘lapad’ and the labeling would not stand out when placed side by side with products from Thailand and Vietnam.
Davao City young entrepreneur Lyndon Paul Sumaoy responded to my call and submitted his own version of the “Sinamak” which carried the brand name “Zingnamak.”
He gave me the first sample about two weeks ago pero noong tinikman ko, lumipad ang kaluluwa ko sa sobrang anghang.😅
So I asked him to moderate the Scoville scale levels.
Last weekend, Lyndon came to my farm again bringing with him new samples with lower SHUs and I found these to be more tolerable by my standards.
The bottling and labeling of his “Zingnamak” are also world class and very presentable.
Lyndon has also developed a specialty “Sinamak” using fermented Cacao shells to produce vinegar.
I will submit to Ping Panlilio all of the samples, including the super hot “Sinamak” which raised my hair on its ends para sila na magdesisyon kung aling lasa ang gusto nila.
This time, ang hinahanap ko na lang ay ang local supplier ng Banana Catsup at Coco Jam.