August 10, 2022

Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol

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First analysis report: Palawan Soil Poor But Easily Amended

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The magic of modern Soil Science is that in less than 24 hours, instruments and reagents could accurately determine the quality of soil and the amendments needed to improve it.
Yesterday, after I submitted two soil samples from two locations in Aborlan, Palawan, we discovered the results in less than 24 hours.
One sample was Sandy Clay and the other Sandy Loam.
I asked our resident Filipino-American farmer-scientist Rocky French to analyze the soil using the instruments he brought in from the U.S.
During my visit to Palawan last weekend, Cong. Edward Hagedorn sought my help in establishing model farms for Rice, Corn and Sorghum.
All of these demo farms will be planted through dry seeding using drones.
To start things right, I asked them to provide me with soil samples.
Rocky’s findings showed that both soil samples had varying pH levels and very low nutrients.
“This could be easily amended using the soil analysis results as our guide,” Rocky explained to me.
With modern soil science, malalaman natin kung ilang sako ng lime ang kailangan ibuhos to neutralize soil acidicity.
Malalaman din ng magsasaka kung gaano karaming N, P, K ang idadagdag na angkop sa crops na itatanim.
With this technology, hindi na manghuhula ang mga magsasaka.